Our main partner in Ukraine is KyivMiskBud, operating continuously on the Ukrainian market since 1955.

KievMiskBud is:

  • an Ukrainian holding investment company and one of the biggest operators of the real estate market in Ukraine
  • KievMinskBud has over 30 trusts in general construction, home factories, organizations and industrial companies, transport companies and construction mechanization companies on the rights of daughter-companies and affiliated members

KyivMiskBud in it’s 64 years of history has carried out:

  • a construction of a city 9 times exceeding the housing resources of pre-war Kiev, including:
  • over 45.000.000 m2 of housing space
  • 651 kindergartens
  • 345 schools
  • over 200 hospital complexes
  • thousands of commercial, industrial and service facilities
  • tens of cinemas, theatres, libraries and hotels
  • hundreds of laboratory and scientific centers, including buildings of research institutes and universities
  • tens of thousands kilometers of roads, engineering and communication networks of various uses in urban infrastructure
  • obtaining over 90.000.000€ worth of financial means from private Ukrainian investors
  • currently there are 68 multi-storey residential buildings in progress

GARANT-ENERGO Ltd, Kiev, Ukraine 

has been operating since 1998 as a multi specialist electrical installation company

Main business lines of the company:

  • designing engineering networks of any complexity (thermal, sewerage, water supply)
  • designing transport infrastructure complexes and storage of petroleum products and aviation fuel
  • construction of civil and industrial facilities
  • delivery, assembly and commissioning of technological equipment
  • full range of design works for powering electrical facilities and devices with voltages from 0,4 kV to 750 kV
  • construction and assembly of transformer and switching stations
  • assembly of switchboards
  • installation of cable and overhead power lines
  • installation of electricity supply and lightning networks for installations in residential and industrial buildings
  • measuring and installation work

BORYSPIL International Airport 

In 2018 Intex Group has won a tender and realized a delivery of a runway lighting system for the BORYSPIL International Airport in Kiev.

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